All meals are provided, but reservations are limited. Let us know which meals you would like to enjoy with us so we can save you a seat. 

Snacks and beverages will be available for purchase from 12-4pm on Friday and Saturday.

Thursday Evening Potluck
Friday Evening Feast
Saturday Morning Brunch
Saturday Evening Feast
Sunday Fellowship Lunch

Feasting unto the Lord

Feasting is one of our favorite ways to honor God through our creativity. Through art, we declare the richness of God’s love and depth of His fellowship, and good food accomplishes that in ways no other medium can. When we taste the delicious, when our senses are stirred up by scents wafting on clouds of steam, and the textures rolling around in our mouths, and the vistas of colors meeting our sight, it calls out our longings and gives us a foretaste of the answer to them—the true satisfaction we will find in heaven with Christ. When we see the joy eddied up in the wrinkles of the faces around us, hear the bursts of laughter and conversation, and witness the tireless effort of love performed by the cooks and servers, we find we have, in these moments, been brought home. We feast because the Spirit of the Bridegroom is with us. We boldly proclaim to the darkness that Christ died and rose again and ate fish for breakfast. The Manna of Heaven has won the battle. And we glory in these glimpses of that future banquet we will eat in the New Jerusalem with our King.

Eastman Johnson
On Their Way to the Camp