Why a Sabbath Festival?

While God made us rational creatures, our purpose, meaning in life, existence, and living far surpasses rational thought. We are also creatures of love, relationship, worship, music, liturgy, prayer, and covenant. We are created by our God to be creators as we work in and with this world. We are also created by God to enjoy Him within the context of His works, and therefore, we rest in worship. All of this takes time, covenantal time, time together.

Sabbath Festival is designed to recover some of the old spirit that has been lost in our fast-paced modern times, and also to cultivate us further in learning how to come aside for a deliberate time of feasting, worshiping, fellowshipping, and loving each other and our great God.  Sabbath Festival is more about understanding life via liturgy than by reason, growing in spirit more than in mind, and cultivating a covenant life together filled with laughter, feasting, gratitude, singing, serving, and prayer. If you come and participate with the right spirit, you will be benefitted and blessed for having done so. It will not be a waste of your time!


The festival is hosted at Heritage Church
in Coble, Tennessee.

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